Booming Asia, slowing Europe

Reaching capital and cost efficiency are the main goals when it comes to real estate management and facility services. Faced with highly saturated markets in many countries, realizing economics of scale and efficiency gains are on the top of every CEO's agenda.

At IBIACO, we are equipped with the necessary toolkit to help you reach your financial goals. Our renowned expertise and broad experience encompass both undertaking performance improvements and restructuring projects, making us an ideal partner when it comes to securing business.

We expect startups to be a significant driver of the digital disruption. We understand their perspective. Our Startup Radar Construction provides the first overview of an industry in the midst of transformation.

Construction Materials and Supply

If producing or supplying construction materials is your business, you know that remaining profitable has become more challenging than ever before. Technological advancements on the development of new building materials and manufacturing processes have resulted in increasingly fierce competition amongst existing and well established market leaders.

We support our clients by enabling them to become technological leaders that create the construction materials of tomorrow and possess innovative, potentially disruptive business models. In addition, we don’t just look at the product itself, but also at the way it is sourced, assembled, and produced: an intelligent and interconnected production process—Industry 4.0—is key to our consulting approach. Our strong ties to renowned experts from the market, industry associations, universities, and financial institutions guarantee that our clients will be able to implement innovative, yet feasible solutions.


Construction and Civil Engineering

Traditional growth opportunities for companies in the construction and civil engineering segment have largely vanished. Today, mastering cost and time efficiency at the building site has become the first priority. In addition, market leaders are seeking to expand their business by investing in M&A activities and bundling shared resources across their often decentralized and scattered organizations.

At IBIACO, we equip our clients with the ideas and tools they need to sustain their market position within this changing environment. Be it through our expertise in developing digitally connected building sites, integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) into the planning process, undertaking a buy-side or vendor due diligence and consolidating business units during a post-merger integration phase, or setting up Shared Service Centers, consider us a reliable partner in identifying new growth opportunities.

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