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The automotive industry is a driving force in the world economy, and we provide the insight you need to outpace the competition. In today’s rapidly changing automotive industry, having a deep understanding of disruptive technologies, converging markets, and the new demand for mobility isn’t just an advantage—it’s essential. Rapidly evolving trends like car and truck automation, connectivity, and e-mobility put traditional players' business models at risk; new players are emerging and playing out their competencies in customer relation management as well as coming up with innovative, data-driven business models. How do you plan to meet the demands of your industry’s future?

At IBIACO, we have a broad perspective on the automotive sector. We understand the disruption that lies ahead. We also track growth in China, Brazil, Russia, India and Africa to predict long term trends and future challenges. Our global positioning means that our consultants have a well-rounded view on issues surrounding innovation, technologies, retail, production, and mobility services throughout the world and can develop solutions for local as well as global automotive markets.

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