Multi-channel shopping and communication

The consumer goods and retail markets are facing unprecedented disruptions. Consumers are more demanding and less predictable than ever before, and success today means engaging your customers across every channel—and at all touchpoints. For these reasons, superior consumer understanding and thought leadership are at the heart of our consulting model.

Within our Competence Center we serve clients in the retail industry across all sectors, including food, fashion, DIY or e-commerce as well as in the fast moving consumer goods, consumer durables, food ingredients, flavors and fragrances industries, and the agriculture business. It’s time for new strategies and new business models.

Consumers want to be recognized as individuals, enjoy a multi-channel shopping and communication experience, and expect it all in a convenient environment. However, they also demand value and special offers—the same person who shops at a discount supermarket in the afternoon may dine at a premium restaurant that very same night, just as a no-name shirt may be accessorized with high-end luxury items. This complexity is just one side of the story for companies operating in today’s rapidly changing environment.

From product portfolios to supply chain operations, each and every aspect of retail requires a facelift—if not a fundamental realignment—in order to exploit new market opportunities and adjust to 21st century realities. Our team has an international footprint as well as local expertise. We are focused on market-driven, rule-breaking strategies that work, and we’ve already implemented them for top international players. With exhaustive insights into every relevant industry topic, we can help you develop leading edge solutions tailor-made to your company’s needs. Are you with us?

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