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Energy enables countries, companies and individuals to grow, develop and change. Now the energy sector itself must evolve. We see five important trends: The energy transition, further integration of energy markets and globalisation, efficient use of resources, regulation leading to free market systems and liberalisation, and new technologies.

At IBIACO, we work with both clients and investors and are a global authority with local knowledge and professional insight into every level of the energy and utilities business. In volatile times, one thing is certain: Energy markets will soon be very different. How do you plan to advance your business?

Trend 1: New Energy transition

The replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy is underway. At the forefront of the pack is the electricity sector. Wind and solar in particular are increasing their share in the fuel mix. Replacement of fossil fuels by sustainable alternatives for heating and transport will follow. The advent of renewables causes disruptions for utility companies and energy users and new corporate strategies are called for.

At IBIACO, we dare to plan for the unexpected, partnering with clients to develop a novel mindset, phasing out the old world, while setting up new assets and business models. Our project experience has taught us how to reshuffle organizations and processes, bringing new business models into reality. Customers are the driving force behind the energy revolution and existing businesses will be transformed or will disappear. We are market leaders in the field of restructuring and corporate performance. In good times and bad, we support our clients to transform their business and concentrate on new activities to offset lost revenues and create growth.

Trend 2: Market integration and globalization

Globalization is a driving force uniting previously separate energy markets. The advent of shale gas in the US coupled with the permission to export LNG to other markets is leading to a global convergence in energy prices. In Europe, on-going efforts to increase interconnection capacity between countries are bringing the single energy market closer. Plans have even been developed to connect the Chinese electricity grid to Europe, or connect North African CSP to the European continent. For players in energy, globalization means the competitive environment will be determined by global competitors and events.

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