Lean Management

In today’s market, organizations are scrambling to find ways to enhance revenues and to reduce costs. But knowing which projects to select for the best and fastest returns presents a challenge to organizations whether at the beginning of a Lean Six Sigma implementation or needing to reenergize a current program.
To address this need for speed and better return-on-investment, IBIACO AA practices a comprehensive deployment methodology.

The approach establishes an enterprise’s process improvement needs upfront, thus ensuring that resources are directed at projects with the biggest enterprise impact on competitiveness and financial performance.

By implementing Lean Six Sigma and business process management concepts and training in your organization, you will benefit from a streamlined organization in terms of people, processes, technology and the underlying strategy and objectives. Leading companies as Xerox, Caterpillar, BMW, GE, HP, Citigroup, American Express, DHL have already engaged in implementing lean culture and training.

Specialized Areas
• Education - Healthcare - Government - Manufacturing- Energy - Warehousing – Defense – ICT
• Disaster & Emergency Management


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