Projects financial studies

It is not possible to build a strong and effective investment in which the conditions of success and continuity are maintained, without the preparation of comprehensive feasibility studies, which include the marketing, technical, administrative and financial feasibility study.

Feasibility studies

The economic feasibility study shows the size of the project market, operation methods, the required investments, and the expected return to ascertain the economic feasibility of the projects.

Market Studies

Market studies allow you to identify people from your start-up company your product who want to buy or service, learn about customers needs and know what are their interest

Since Market Study has a special place for businessmen and investors, we evidently pay special attention to it.

Competition studies

In addition to the market study, the competitors study enables you to know their business activities and what services and products they offer, their market share and the extent of their spread in the market

IBIACO offers studies and analysis of competition through which the strengths and weaknesses of the competing products are learned, the mistakes made, the strengths of the product to be marketed and promoted.
The competitors' study helps predict and avoid the risks to which the product and service can be exposed.

Business plans

After selecting your project for implementation IBIACO will help you develop a business plan to successfully execute your project and achieve the expected return on investment

The business plan includes a comprehensive overview of the scope and objectives of the project, examining the internal and external factors surrounding the project, identifying the resources and possibilities available, all the stages required, timetables and the duration of each stage. IBIACO is distinguished in its ability to provide Business plans for investors with a high degree of professional accuracy

Study alternative investments

After studying the market and competitors for your project, IBIACO can provide you with the study of alternative investments and choose a suitable project for your requirements if your idea becomes unworkable and does not achieve the expected return on investment

Continuous and permanent development of investment alternatives: We are keen to provide an investor with various investment alternatives that are consistent with their investment trends.


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